Residential Tile Cleaning San Antonio, Tx

Your residential property is your biggest investment. It is important to remove the soils to protect the integrity of the floor and grout. It is just as important to keep them clean to avoid premature floor replacement. Clean Saves Money! A tile floor makes any home more beautiful. It adds a touch of style and grace that you want to keep looking good for years to come. This is where our residential tile and grout cleaning service will help you shine. American Master Service in San Antonio is your source for keeping your tile and grout floors sparkling like new.

We offer a free no obligation demonstration and consultation. Our residential tile cleaning service includes grout cleaning and also sealing,
keeping tile and grout looking like new. Our residential tile and grout cleaning service includes entryways, kitchen floors, dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, counter tops, bathroom floors, and shower floors. We also offer garage floor, driveway patio, deck cleaning in outdoor areas. Some of the floors that we clean are ceramic or porcelain tile, natural stone, brick, stucco, treated wood, concrete and more.

You may clean your tile by hand of course, but this is very hard to do, and often does not result in floors or surfaces that look as good as they could with our expert cleaning service. We use a 2500 sapphire truck mount, a patented turbo tool, hot 1500 psi pressure water, specialized equipment, and safe chemical. American Master Service takes a systematic approach to ensure complete cleaning.

We start with using an eco-friendly chemical cleaning solution that loosens dirt, grime and oils that are embedded into the tile and grout surfaces. We use pressure washing technology, and heat the chemicals to 200 degrees as it goes on the tile surface. This dissolves all the dirt and oils, as well as killing the bacteria that may have built up over time. We then use vacuums that are specially designed up draw up the dirty water and leaves behind a sparkling clean surface. We offer a water based sealer after the cleaning so the floors will stay clean longer and makes maintenance easier. The sealer does not change the original look of the tile, but it keeps floors safe from further stains and bacteria.


When we finish with our residential tile cleaning surface, your floors are left dry and looking like new.


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